Reece Sibbald Productions now offer the "Full Package" available for Hire throughout the UK.

We can include everything your society needs to produce a top-quality production of The Wizard of Oz.

With our intricate attention to detail, our costumes have dazzled audiences and been worn by some of the UK's top Pantomime Performers

With our new hire facility we can provide you with Scenery, Costumes, Props and Special Effects. From Dorothy's 'Ruby Slippers' to the Tin Man's 'Oil Can', the Lion's 'Medal of Courage' to the Witch's 'Magic Broomstick' and everything inbetween.

Our in-house production features high-octane dance routines from our eight strong Ensemble, we have an incredible stock of Ozian's, Kansas Farmhands, Scarecrows (in every colour of the rainbow) and the Wickedest Spirits in a variety of sizes. Our latest Munchkin costumes total 48 complete outfits and the Principal Roles are a stunning sight to behold.

We, at Reece Sibbald Productions, understand and appreciate logistics and working towards a budget. We want to ensure a profitable production is achieved for you as our customer. Such a commercial title as The Wizard of Oz warrants colour, spectacle and fairytale magic. This can only be achieved with the right tools (our tools) in your kit!


This is your brand-new one-stop shop to hire everything you need from one affordable, understanding supplier with expertise in their field.

Click on the images below to view samples of the stock available.

Want to check availability and discuss budgets? Drop us an email by clicking here.

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